Q: What's a co-op?

A: A co-op exists to serve its member-owners. It is a democratically-run business. Each member-owner owns an equal share in the business. One member, one vote. The entity cannot hold a profit, so the profits of the business are either distributed back into the business to grow it and to make capital improvements or distributed to the member-owners (based on patronage). These decisions will be made by the Board of Directors (elected by the membership). Read more about it: http://www.go.coop/what-is-a-co-op (see also, the last page of this document that outlines the cooperative principles).

Q: What's in it for the members?


1. You can say you OWN a brewpub! (without breaking the bank)

2. Participate in an amazing group of community-minded craft beer enthusiasts.

3. A "free" beer on your co-op anniversary - paid for by the Board of Directors.

4. Future patronage refunds planned based on how often you visit the co-op. The more you use it, the more you get back.

5. Possible rise in property values and local economic development! Co-ops are democratically owned by community members and therefore keep money and jobs in the community. Research shows that property values increase in neighborhoods with small, independent businesses. See http://civiceconomics.com/projects/featured-projects/american-express-open/

6. Invitations to special member-owner events and socials

7. Make history - you'll be an owner of one of the first true co-op brewpubs in the country.

Q: What's a patronage refund?

A: The co-op will track your patronage by swiping your member card when you visit. The more often you visit and the more you spend, the more patronage refunds you'll receive. Think of it as a return on your bar tab! Again, the board will decide when we start to track patronage and when we are profitable enough to distribute among the member-owners.

Q: Will I get a membership card?

A: Yes

Q: Who will brew the beer?

A: We will have a program for home brewers where they can brew at our brewpub and enjoy their beer from our tap. More details forthcoming. For the commercial brewing, we have an agreement with Eric Zamonski, Master Brewer. Here's his bio:

Eric is a 2005 graduate of the University of California at Davis Master Brewers Program (UCDMBP). UCDMBP is one of two brewing programs in North America accredited by the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) in London, England. The IBD and the Weihenstephaner University in Freising, Germany, are recognized worldwide as the two most important governing bodies in brewing science research and training.

After completion of the UCDMBP, Eric took a seasonal co-op job with a small microbrewery in Torrance, CA, in the Los Angeles metro area. The brewery, Southern California Brewing Company (SCBC), is attached to a large retro-themed German beer hall and restaurant which forms the anchor business in a retail complex called The Alpine Village. The brewery produces classic German-style beers for the restaurant and village, as well as self-distributing to various retail accounts in the area. SCBC operates a 12-hectaliter brewing system (~10 barrels) and packages with a 32-head rotary bottler. Eric also worked for Pyramid Brewery in their main production facility in Berkeley, CA in 2005 and 2006. At the time, the Berkeley plant had four full-time shift brewers and produced around 120,000 barrels annually, accounting or approximately 80% of Pyramid’s total output. Pyramid Berkeley runs a 125 barrel computer controlled brewhouse operated by the popular Botech suite of Brewing Software. Shift brewers alternated between brewdeck shifts and cellarman shifts, as well as performing routine lab analysis on each batch.

Eric is currently residing in his hometown of Dayton, OH, pursuing a degree in chemistry. His goal is to teach chemistry at the high school level. A teaching schedule will allow Eric to multi-task, and create amazing, high quality craft beer for Fifth Street Brewpub and its members. We can't wait!

Q: Who are the other founding members?

A: See the rest of our founding member bios by clicking on FOUNDERS in the menu above.

Q: Does the board get paid?

A: No. Each member of the Board of Directors volunteers his or her time to the co-op. Please be patient. We all work full-time jobs in addition to a nearly full-time week on behalf of the co-op.

Q: When will you open?

A: We are targeting the July 13 weekend for our official opening as a bar. We plan to open in phases. Phase I, we will open as a bar (serving other craft beers, but not yet FSB beer). Phase II = brewing. We expect our equipment to arrive in late July. Phase III =kitchen (late 2013).

Q: Can I buy more than one share/membership?

A. No. Each member-owner owns an equal share of the business - and gets one vote.

Q: Is the $125 fee annual or one-time?

A: $125 gets you a lifetime membership!

Q: Can a couple purchase a membership together?

A: No. Each membership must be tied to an individual name. Co-ops are democratic, and each member gets a vote.

Q: Can I buy a gift membership?

A: Fifth Street Brewpub memberships also make great gifts. Do you know anyone that would love to own a brewpub? They can live anywhere in the world and still become an owner. Gift membership can be purchased at brewpubgifts.com

Q: Do you have to be a member to come to the co-op once it is opened?

A: No. Anyone can enjoy the co-op. It will be a full-service restaurant and brewery once we raise the money to get the equipment and finish the construction.

Q: Does the brewpub own the building?

A: The brewpub is leasing the building from The 1600 Group, LLC. This is the group of individuals who bought the building and fixed up the exterior in 2010. Most members of the LLC are also member-owners of the co-op. We all want the same thing: a neighborhood-friendly, sustainable business for St. Anne's Hill. And the LLC has agreed to super cheap rent for the first few years of operation while the co-op grows. Per the lease agreement, the purchase price will go up significantly after year 3, so the Board of Directors will plan to set money aside to purchase the building for $75,000 after year 3.

Q: What if I don't like beer?

A: What? That's impossible!? No, seriously...you don't have to like beer. We'll have fantastic company to enjoy and great food and other beverages, too!

Questions? Contact fifthstreetbrewpub@gmail.com





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